The School Day

For all children, from Reception to Year 6, the school day runs from 8.55am to 3.10pm.


Start of the day

Children are welcome in class from when the doors open at 8.40am.  From this time, 'early work' is available to provide a calm and purposeful start to the day.  All should be in, ready to start their learning, by 8.55am when registers close.

To help develop children's independence as they go through the school, we ask that parents & carers in Key Stage 2 say goodbye at the school gate.


Children enjoy a 50-minute break for lunchtime.  They eat - either school dinner or packed lunch - in the hall or the dining room, with adults who know them well supervising and supporting.  Lunch breaks always include some time to play, usually outside.  Lunchtime is an important opportunity to relax; at New Valley, we also see it as a great chance for children to learn and develop important social skills.


Apart from lunchtime, children also benefit from another 25-30 minutes of break time.  This is often divided between the morning and afternoon, but teachers have the flexibility to time children's breaks however fits best with their learning.

End of the day

For all classes, the school day ends at 3.10pm.  As in the morning, we encourage Key Stage 2 families to wait outside the school gates for their children.  Parents & carers in upper Key Stage 2 who would like their children to travel home on their own should discusss this with the class teacher.